Top 10 Army love quotes 

1. "Army love is not just a romance, it's a partnership that requires strength, trust, and resilience."

2. "Soldiers are heroes, but they are also humans who need love and support. I am proud to be that support for my soldier."

3. "To love a soldier is to embrace their sacrifices, their passion, and their unwavering commitment to their country."

4. "When I see my soldier in uniform, I am reminded of the bravery and love that brought us together."

5. "When you love a soldier, every moment together is precious and every goodbye is bittersweet."

6. "I may not be able to see my soldier every day, but I carry their love with me wherever I go."

7. "The only thing stronger than the bond between soldiers is the love they share for each other."

8. "My heart beats for a soldier, who I love with every fiber of my being."

9. "Being in love with a soldier means being part of a team that never gives up on each other."

10. "Army love is a special kind of love - one that endures through distance, time, and everything in between."