Happy 50th birthday wishes – messages, images, and quotes

The 50th birthday is a milestone. So wish your loved one a Happy 50th Birthday wishes with this unique, resonating greeting card that proudly announces just how special her 50 years have been.

The smooth tones of this shimmering paper create the perfect canvas to feature your unique sentiments for your special woman, who reached this amazing age along with you.

The perfect birthday gift for a special 50th birthday. A contemporary design to suit the recipient.      The enclosed card reads: “To one very special lady, you have been wonderful throughout your life, I raise my glass to toast those many years of happiness and good health”.

It’s your special day, with lots of smiles to celebrate. Happy 50th birthday, Grandma! We love you—and we know you’re #50YearsYoung!

Happy birthday to the coolest 50-year old ever

Happy 50th birthday! We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane—in addition to the big party tomorrow. Scheduling post tone of voice #yourewelcome

Wishing a happy birthday to one of our favorites, @f.s.ydbom, and celebrating her 50 years of existence. ?❤️

Wishing our Sister Over 50 years young a happy half century! We love you, Sister! Sister Over 50years old

Happy birthday to the brilliant mind behind the @brand that is LINC! ? #Momof4 #50thBday

Happy birthday to a woman who knows how to mix classic and edge. Here’s to 50 more years of making a difference—and always staying classy.

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Happy Birthday, @papa_morgan50 . You’re a shining example of someone who is fearlessly living life to its fullest potential. Not many people are as warm, kind, genuine, motivated, talented and authentic as you are

May the cool vibes from this desert get you through all the next 50 birthdays.

Happiest of birthdays to my favorite grown-up .

Happy Birthday to the coolest dad in the world—you’re a gift and we’re so grateful for your love and support all these years ? ❤️

Happy Birthday to the woman of my dreams. And yes, I still am ??.

Happy birthday to one of the most creative, stylish, talented, generous people I know. You have given me comfortable shoes, warm clothes, adventure trips, coffee chats, conversations about books and movies, great food. Tom—thank you for being my

Happy birthday, man. And cheers to what lies ahead—together. ??

Happy Birthday from the whole team.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…Happy 50th Birthday to you!??

Happy 50th to the coolest kid sister anyone could possibly have. We love you beyond space and time.

Happy golden birthday to the sweetest man I know. I’m so glad you let me hang out with you for 50 years.

50 years. 50 reasons to celebrate you— and not a single one of them is about the number on the tag in your shirt. But we’re going to say it anyway: Happy birthday @…

Happy half-century to one of the two most beautiful ladies in my life. ❤️

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you lots and LOTS! ❤️

Happy voyage to the next five decades, Dad. We love you more than cappuccino—because that’s how much you love us back! Happy Birthday.

May you continue to have a fabulous journey… for many, many more years to come! Happy Birthday ?

Happy Birthday to the coolest ? parent a pup could have. Have a blast dancing on your milestone! ??

Just hanging out in the big 5-0. #itsmypartyandimgonnacryifIwanttowhichisstrangebecausenopartiespleasegoaway

You’ve been a great friend and mentor to us over the years. We love you and we think you’re an awesome guy. ?

Happy birthday to the most influential, inspirational, and innovative leader in the industry! ?

__Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect

Happy 50th Birthday to a woman who hustles every day and would be a great role model for young women across the country—if she could just slow down for a sec. Here’s to many more years of fighting the good fight!

Happy 50th birthday, Dad. Here’s to many more years of adventures together and lots and lots and lots and lots (I can’t put enough “lots” here) of hugs! #50yearsofaw

We can all learn something from this amazing person. Happy 50th, gorgeous! ?

Happy 50th birthday, mom! Here’s to another chapter of memories. XOXO

Happy golden anniversary to a husband and father who’s been going strong for 50 years.

50 may be a big number, but look at this guy. He’s a picture of health and inspiration. Have a happy birthday, Marc! ❤️❤️

Happy Birthday, Dad! You’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry and you’ve made sure we always knew we were loved.

Happy birthday to you! You’re the best and we love you so much.

Happy birthday to a campfire kind of guy. A hard worker and a hard partier. A man who always has a plan and a lot of fun ideas on how to get there. Thank you for being an inspiration in every way ?

Happy birthday to someone who is as cool as they are creative. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

Happy Birthday to our big buddy

Happy birthday to our biggest inspiration, Dad—your work ethic lives on in all of us. ?

I’m so excited to celebrate these next 5 decades of friendship, love, and adventure with you! ?

Happy birthday, you legend ??

Today it’s my turn to celebrate. I can hardly believe that I’ve made it this far on this journey, but I wouldn’t change one thing about my path. Thank you for sharing these precious years with me.

Happy 50th Birthday, Dad. We ❤️ you.

Happy 50th birthday to my brother and best friend. Life is good. I like making fun of how old we’re getting, and we both like laughing about it too. Life is good. ?

How sweet it is to see your face turn 50! You’ve left quite a mark on this world and we can’t wait to celebrate together.?

There’s only one thing more exciting than turning 50: celebrating with my family and friends. Could you help me wish them a Happy Birthday on Instagram? #HBD #family #friends

My biggest wish for you is that 50 years from now, when you look back at our time together, you only see the smiles. Lots and lots of smiles. With all my love on your big day ?

Happy birthday to my husband! You’ve taught me so much over the past half-century, but the greatest lesson is how to be your best self. Here’s to 50 years of love, laughter, and life well lived.

May you continue to redefine all there is to celebrate. Cheers to half a century! ??

HBD to a classy and elegant gal who is as fashionable as I am. Can’t wait to celebrate this milestone together!

Thank you for being an incredible role model to so many people during your time at Apple. Much love and happiness to you on your birthday! ?‍??

Here’s to another great year. Happy birthday ?

Happy birthday, Dan! A big milestone with a lot of celebrations to come. We’d be remiss not to celebrate the place where it all began. Keep making it happen from here forward.

Today, I am celebrating–with my family, with my friends, and with the people who make me stronger.

Celebrate a milestone with a special person who knows how to make an occasion feel spectacular ?



Happy 50th birthday to the greatest husband, father, and grandfather in the world. We love you so, so much!

Since you’re turning 50, there are only two things you have to do—1) get an awesome party. 2) Look great in your 50th birthday photo.

Where did the years go? This is your year of turning 50, of new beginnings. Love you, Pop!

May the upcoming year be the best you’ve ever had! HAPPY 50th, Mom! #50thbirthday #mom #happy

Happy #50thBirthday to the most special man in our lives. We love you, dad! ❤

Happy 50th to a wonderfully wise human being and a great friend ??❤?

Happy birthday to one of the greatest men I know –– a man who, at 50 years old, still makes me laugh every day; we love you, Dad! ?

Happy birthday! 50 candles on the cake, but you’re not getting older, you’re getting better ?

Time for us to celebrate together! We’ve been spending every day together for over 30 years, and still think you are one of the most amazing people in the world. Happy birthday to my best friend, love you always.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I will try to carry on your good work and pass your lessons on to our kids. Thanks for setting an example for us all.

Happy golden birthday to Queen B herself.

Happiest of birthdays to our dear friend, @zabelliwe! And Happy Birthday to us too. Wishing you the best year yet! ?

I wish you love, health, and happiness on your special day! ?

You’ve taught us so much and we’re thankful. Here’s to you! ??♥️

50th birthday wishes for friends Funny

50th birthday wishes for friends
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Absolutely delighted to celebrate your 50th with you, my friend. May you continue to be the source of inspiration for every woman around! ???❤️

Happy 50th Birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Dan! We have traveled the world together over the years and have been there for each other through many life adventures. Looking forward to many more with you and all your loved ones in

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Happy 50th birthday, you’ve been a friend with so many more years ahead of you!

Happy 50th to my best friend in the world. You are funny, passionate, kind, hard working, determined, loyal, loving… The list goes on…. Love you forever Mikey ?.”

Wishing you the best of everything on your 50th birthday, including many more years of smiles.?

  1. Happiest and 50th birthday to my best friend, thank you for being such a beautiful part of my life ??❤
  2. You look like you’re getting younger and younger each year we’ve known each other; I wouldn’t be surprised if we accidentally met when we were still in school. Happy golden half birthday, my friend! #50 #
  3. If you need me, I’ll be admiring the view #50thBirthday
  4. This weekend my friend is celebrating an important milestone, 50 years of being awesome! I asked my friends to help me say “thank you” with photos illustrating what makes Laura so awesome. Here are some of the responses she has received so far…
  5. Happy birthday to the most amazing husband, dad, brother, boss I could ask for! I’m bursting with pride and love. Here’s to the next 50 years of doing life together! Love you ? ❤️
  6. 50 is the new 60.
  7. Happy, happy birthday to my soul sister who somehow manages to get wiser and more beautiful with every year. Love you endlessly. Wish I could get you a pony, but I’ll settle for the egg rolls instead. #fiftiethbirth
  8. Happy birthday, buddy! Have the best year ever. #wegotyourback
  9. Happy golden birthday to my favorite lady ?
  10. On this special day, have faith in your choices. Celebrate the past while looking to the future.
  11. Happy 50th Birthday to a friend of a lifetime who never fails to make me laugh and who shares the same love of Broadway show tunes. Love you lots, M. ❤️?
  12. Happy 50th birthday, buddy! Here’s to 50 more years of making us laugh. ?#ThrowbackThursday #birthdayboy
  13. The older you get, the better you were! Congrats on turning 50 years young, #MCM. You’ve earned it all. ?
  14. Happy 50th, buddy! We can’t believe it. Where does the time go?
  15. Happy 30th to my friend Sarah, and happy 50th to my friend Jane. Cheers to many more birthdays ?
  16. Happy Birthday to my friend, mentor, and kombucha fan, Adam! Here’s to 50 more years of white-knuckle grip. KT ?
  17. Happy bday to the most genuine, caring, thoughtful friend I know. You are adored!
  18. Cheers to 50 years of shenanigans ??
  19. Happiest of birthdays to the wonderful human being who means the world to us.
  20. Happiest of birthdays! ☺️?
  21. Happy @ChicagosMayorsDayMay22, Mayor Daley! Can’t believe I’ve known you for 50 years. #Mayor1HalfMayor5100YearsOfPublicService
  22. It’s your special day and we’d like to celebrate it with you by giving you a cup of Coffee. ?
  23. Happy b-day to my gorgeous friend who has the best taste in everything. ❤️
  24. Happy Birthday, Chuck! ??I hope this is the year you finally come to your senses and move out of that basement.
  25. Happy birthday to the guy that always has the best advice in his back pocket, but hasn’t written it down. ??
  26. Best wishes to my buddy on his 50th birthday—you’ve always been there for me, I’ll be grateful for the next 50 years of friendship. Cheers!
  27. So cool to be here celebrating this very special friend of mine (name) on his 50th birthday.
  28. Happy Birthday wishes to a great friend—we can’t believe it’s been 50 years already, but you sure don’t look a day over 40! ?
  29. You are the ultimate mid-century modernist—graceful, cool, and full of life. Cheers 50th!
  30. Happy Birthday to our favorite wine buddy! Here’s to 50 more birthdays ?❤️
  31. Not sure how you’re swinging five decades, but we’re jealous. Happy 50th to our favorite (and best-dressed) party planner around!
  32. Happy birthday to a special friend, a great co-worker and a wonderful boss. Here’s to the next 50 years! ?
  33. Happy 50th to the best man I know! Here’s to many more happy years together. ?
  34. With 50 years of friendship, where do I begin? You have been an integral part of my life from the very beginning. And while yesterday, today, and tomorrow may change our roles, I know that one thing will never change: the boundless
  35. Happy half-century to my number one pal. Here’s to a rocking fifty years—or more!
  36. 50 is the 1st number that could actually be your age.
  37. Happy 50th. You’re ridiculous, but I still love you.
  38. Thank you for all the laughs, wisdom, and friendship. You’ve always been there when I needed you.
  39. Don’t forget to savor the moments that matter. I love you for being one of them.
  40. Celebrating birthdays like no one is watching. And if anyone is? Mind their own business! #nbd
  41. 50 candles, and there’s 50 miles behind us. Cheers! ?? * * * snip50 is a great photo caption service for birthdays. It has pre-made templates for birthday wishes so you can surprise
  42. Wishing you all the luck in the Irish 50th birthday year of 2018 ?
  43. Fifty is the new Thirty. So happy birthday to our friend @viviennewestcott—the first thirty years were good to you, but surely the best are still ahead. #50Before30 @kristin_leah
  44. Happiest of birthdays to a 50×50 friend – a real treasure – who has remained as lovely as she was as a twentysomething ✓. Here’s to the next fifty! #whatsnext
  45. 50 never looked so good. Happy birthday, my friend! ??
  46. You’ve seen the world, but there’ll always be more to see! Happy 50th, pal ??
  47. Michael, you’re one of my best friends. I hope you know if you were to ask me for requests for your fiftieth I’d only want one thing: that you never lose that sparkle in your eye; that sense of
  48. Happy Birthday to a woman who’s been there for me through a lot of the years. Thanks, DD. Love you lots.
  49. Best buddy, if you were a drink you’d be a Manhattan because your intoxicating personality blends perfectly. Cheers to another great year! ??
  50. Happy birthday to a great friend and an even better dad. Now you can legally enjoy a good old-fashioned cocktail over dinner without us kids telling you not to. ?
  51. Here’s to your first half of your first century, you old soul. Wishing you the very best 2nd half ???‍♀️.
  52. Happy birthday, babe. The only half you can’t outdo is yourself. ?
  53. It’s not about the candle on top, but about all the drippy wax underneath. Happy bday!
  54. Here’s to a weekend of food, friends, and festivities… thanks for the memories, you’re half a century old!?
  55. It’s your day! What part of the decade is this??

Wishing 50th birthday captions for instagram for woman

wishing 50th birthday women50th birthday captions for dad
50th birthday captions for mom
50th birthday captions for instagram
50th birthday captions for husband
50th birthday captions for instagram for woman
50th birthday caption for dad
what is a good caption for 50th birthday
what do you caption on your 50th birthday
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
  1. When you are this fabulous, you get to dress up at all times. Happy 50th! ??
  2. Happy Birthday to a woman who is as unique as her age—and as timeless as ever. We love you beyond the stars Sylvia ❤️ #50birthdaywishes
  3. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend. You look amazing and I’m so thankful for your friendship ?? #NotAFiftyYearOldMom
  4. Reach fifty and still be yourself, still laugh and smile. Wish you a happy birthday.
  5. Wishing you all the pleasure, celebration and joy to mark this milestone, @drewbinsky . Here’s to another 50 years!”
  6. 50 never looked so good ����������������?
  7. Happy Birthday to my friend, confidant and partner in crime. Thanks for the laughs and the support. Here’s to 50 more years of friendship ? ?
  8. Happy Birthday, Betty! May you have a day as great as you are. __
  9. May you age like a fine wine, and also enjoy the day—let’s make it a good one! ❤️
  10. Happiest of birthdays to our loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother ,as well as sister in spirit. From your loving children and grandchildren ━╼ ▪▫▀▪▫ ▐ ?
  11. Happy birthday to the most patient, inspirational mother’s around. This year is going to be so special. ???
  12. Happy early Mom, you are rocking it! ?
  13. May the best of your past be the worst of your future! #HBDDarlene
  14. May all your future birthdays be as sweet as this present one ?
  15. Just keep on keepin’ on … You’ve had a heck of a run ✨?
  16. May your golden years feel as golden as you are. Happy birthday, Emily 50 ❤️! #50birthday
  17. 50 may be the half-way point, but you’re still feeling like a rookie! Congratulations on the next 50 years of love, laughter and good health.
  18. Wishing you an amazing 50th!?
  19. At your 50th, you’ve truly outdone yourself. Happy birthday ?
  20. Happy 50th birthday to our sweet and fierce Icy ❤️ and we wish you all the best as you celebrate this milestone ?
  21. Happy ? Birthday. Here’s to the next 50 years!
  22. Happy Birthday to a lady who always makes her loved ones feel special. ??
  23. Happy birthday to the coolest 50-year-old I know! Thanks for always being an inspiration to me #squadgoals
  24. Happy Birthday and many more! I hope the next half century is full of happy dinners with good friends and family, celebratory glasses of wine, and joyous dinners spent remembering how you’ve created such a full life for yourself, work hard
  25. May your Birthday be filled with the same worldly wonders you’ve seen over the last 50 years, plus another 50! ?
  26. Wishing you the happiest, healthiest birthday! ?
  27. Happy birthday to the best Mom and Grandma in the world. ❤️??
  28. Hope the second half of your life is as lovely as the first half. ??
  29. Not only is my mom the best cook ever, but she’s always been my biggest supporter and greatest cheerleader.
  30. Your fabulous fifties are only the beginning. Happy birthday, mom!
  31. Happy Birthday to the best 50 year old boss in the world ?
  32. It’s your birthday…Let’s celebrate with lots of cake & by letting you know how fabulous you are ??. Happy, beautiful birthday oh so Divine! #50
  33. You are loved, you are special, have the best birthday ever.
  34. Happy Birthday Grandma! You’re more than a partner, you’re a friend and we love you dearly.
  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUM—you are loved and admired by so many. Hope your big day is one of celebration and loved ones!
  36. Happy Birthday to the most stylish 20-year-old I know!
  37. 50 never looked so good?
  38. Happy birthday to my dearest friend and bestie, your days are yours to do with as you please , I wish you love and happiness !!!
  39. Happy Birthday to my mom, whom I have adopted as one of my best friends. She has always been the most important person in my life because she has taught me how to be tough, funny, kind and loving.
  40. May your birthday spark a year bright with everyday moments to savor! ??
  41. Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…
  42. Happy birthday to my mentor and so much more than just my mother-in-law…you are also my best friend.
  43. May there always be a candle on your cake and a Champagne flute in your hand, and laughter to share with those you love.
  44. To a life full of laughter, love and lots of great food!
  45. Wishing this fabulous lady a very Happy ?50th Birthday from her co-workers at ABC News. Love you! ?
  46. Wishing a gorgeous, stylish, adventurous 50th bday to this NYC chick … But if you really wanna know—no surprise here for party planning at her level But thank you. For just being you. ❤️
  47. You have the power to do anything you put your mind to. Happy 50th birthday, Mom.
  48. Happy Birthday to my favorite GG ever! #50yearsyoung
  49. Life is about joy not perfection. And it’s all about the journey. Today, we wish the happiest of birthdays to you, our 50th golden birthday hamper recipient! #WishListED #GoldenHamper
  50. That’s the cat’s meow. Happy 50th birthday, Mom!
  51. Happiest of birthdays to the most amazing mother I know, my Girl Friday @debbie.fergeson50 !!! How lucky am I? (And how about this wine looking like a sunset…) #liveitup
  52. May you breezily glide into every decade of your life. Cheers to a wonderful birthday, woman! ❤??❤
  53. Happy 50th birthday to our dear colleague Jill, who’s here getting “down to business” for your big day. Here’s to many more birthdays and years of collaboration back in the boardroom! ?
  54. Happy Birthday to this Mrs. Claus. Many more smiles ahead! ?
  55. Happy birthday, Mom! May the memories you make today be as sweet as your cake. ??
  56. Happy Birthday! What a nice surprise to find the whole town here.
  57. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear #KarenHappyBirthday to you! ??
  58. Here’s to another year to celebrate all your dreams coming true!
  59. Tonight, we toast to your many years of adventures.  Cheers to you!
  60. living large on your 50th birthday! Congrats on 50 years of fabulous ☀️
  61. Turning 50 happens only once.  You’re A Kind of Magic, Myrna. Happy birthday !!! ? You deserve it !!!
  62. When you serve your community and family with dignity and grace, you’re rewarded with a milestone birthday. Happy 50th, Barbara!
  63. Happiest of birthdays to my wife, @ashleylharding. I hope it’s the best one ever ? #50thbirthday
  64. can’t believe it’s your 50th, you’re still as beautiful and sweet as you were when your husband proposed 50 years ago. #happybirthday
  65. While it’s true that 50 is nothing to celebrate, some people are very special. Congrats Madam ???
  66. Happy 50th, Lynn! We hope your week ahead of you is as special as you are. Sending you loads of love from the CTF team.
  67. Sending you wishes for a fabulous day and a beautiful year ahead. Happy Birthday!
  68. Happy birthday to this stellar lady, who has been there for all life’s ups and downs!?
  69. I’m one lucky gal to have you as my mother—thank you for always being there for me. Happy birthday, Mom!
  70. Happy birthday (name). May all your dreams come true.
  71. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most inspiring woman in my life, who has been a constant source of strength and courage. You are my beacon, and I am eternally grateful for you. ??
  72. Happy birthday to my big sis Tita Beth! Enjoy this milestone with us, because these are the best years yet. ??
  73. We’re wishing someone very sweet a very happy birthday ??
  74. Your personal style doesn’t go out of style—it only gets better with age.

wishing sister 50th birthday

woman making her birthday wishes
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com
  1. To our favorite sister + the sweetest, sassiest & most stylish 50th birthday ever. #sisterbirthday #TGIF
  2. 50 never looked so good. Happy birthday to our #trulyfabulous sister.
  3. Happy Birthday to my fave sister ❤️ @mshelbykb ❤️ I only have the best memories of us growing up. We are truly partners in crime ?️‍♂️ I love you so much s
  4. We wish our #1 sister a very happy @goldengirl??⭐️❤️”
  5. Happy Birthday, baby sister! We did it. ??
  6. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister ? ?
  7. Happy 50th to my sister, the family historian who has blazed trails for women in politics. #? #sisterlylove##
  8. Happy Bday to my lovely sister ??
  9. Happy Birthday to my big sis—the coolest, most generous, funniest person I know! You are an excellent example of grace, style, and the power of laughter. I’m excited for this next chapter of your life. Che
  10. Happy Birthday to my inspiring, beautiful big sister! ?
  11. To my beautiful and talented sister – I love you – celebrated every day.
  12. I’m very lucky to have you as my sister. I’d like to say many things about you, but the most important thing is that, no matter how far apart we are, you will always be in my heart.
  13. We love you, sis!
  14. Have a big day celebrating, little sis – we hope it’s a good one!
  15. It’s your day today so enjoy every minute you have. Remember it’s the little things that matter most ❤️
  16. Happy 50th birthday, sweetie! You’re the greatest sister in the world ??
  17. Happy bday sis! Can’t believe you turned 50! So many happy returns ❤️??
  18. Wishing you so much joy today on this very special day of your 50th year. ?
  19. Happy birthday, sis! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter. ?
  20. Happy birthday to one of my favorite, funniest people I’ve ever met. You’re a constant source of joy and excitement, and I’m proud to call you sister. Next stop: the big 5-0.
  21. I’ll always be the little sister, but now I’m the big sister. Happy Birthday ☺️
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Jenny in Nashville, TN! I love you so much and pray that God continues to bless you many times over. He is so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished in your 50
  23. We love celebrating you every year! Happy big 5-0, gorgeous.
  25. Happy birthday to one of the smartest, funniest, most beautiful women I have ever known. ?? ?
  26. Happy birthday to the the boss lady. I’m so proud of you. You are a shining example to women everywhere! ❤️
  27. celebrating a woman with a heart of gold and a lifetime of wisdom to share‼️
  28. Sister, thanks for sticking with me through the thick and thin—the ups and downs, the crazy adventures, the moves across the country, the moves back. Never underestimate the power of your BOOM-ing personality to light up a room or
  29. May your golden years be filled with happiness, love, and lots of brunch. #happybirthdayangela
  30. 50 reasons why we love you
  31. Happy 50th birthday to my first, best, and favorite sister. ? ❤️
  32. Wishing you a happy & sparkly 50th birthday, with lots of love ’n laughter, kisses & cuddles ❤️
  33. Happy birthday to one of my favorite sisters in the world! #sisterlove #50thbirthday
  34. Happy Birthday to your favorite big sister (and i’m not just saying that because she spoils me every birthday ? she’s turning 50) ?❤️
  35. Today, we celebrate you! Thank you for being the best sister ever. We couldn’t have asked for a better one. Here’s to 50 more years of sisterhood. ?
  36. Happy Special Sister Day! Always good to be with special people. Happy B-Day.
  37. happiness is a sister, I have one and she is the best?WOOHOO 50.
  38. Celebrating @TerriAnnFabulous50 today! We are so thankful for our sister, friend & mascot. Love you! Xo
  39. Happiest of birthdays to my beloved sister, with all the love in my heart ❤️
  40. To my sister, who encouraged me to leave home and pursue my dreams. I’m grateful to you every day for that inspiration. Here’s to the next 50 years! ?
  41. Happy Bday to this wonderful person, my very best friend and the person who is always there for me! Love you ❤️?
  42. Don’t be jealous of my birthday – I am one year closer to yours ??
  43. I hope you’ve found, your days are warm and bright, that your smiles are genuine and real, that your world is wide open to endless possibilities.
  44. It’s your day. ?
  45. Like a fine wine, some sisters just keep getting better with age. Happy 50th birthday, Mimi!
  46. Happy 50th birthday, sis! May the years ahead be rich with good memories and sweet surprises.
  47. Here’s to the 50th year of your life, sister. Happy birthday. cheers
  48. Sending all the love in the world to my #funnyolderbrother and his wifey-pie for their 50th birthday celebration! Proud of you and the beautiful life you’ve built together. ♥️☺️
  49. Happy Birthday, you’re 50!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing you are!! We all love you so much? Your 50th is definitely something to celebrate with your favourite wine ?
  50. Happy golden birthday, to one of the best sisters in the world. Each year you get wiser, prettier—and funnier. #golden
  51. Happy Birthday to our oldest, dearest sister. You’ve done everything right in your life (well, almost everything).
  52. Happy Birthday to my sister @laurapolydore! Today is not only the first day of your (half) century. Today is also first day of your first half century, first day of your first half century, first day of fifty
  53. 50 is the new 40! Congratulations to my big sis @gretamuehl on this awesome milestone! Love you!
  54. 50 and fabulous, there is no other way to put it—happy birthday!
  55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  56. Happy, Happy Birthday to you.
  57. Hope your life’s journey is as awesome as you are. ???
  58. The best part about turning
  59. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister. I’m so excited to celebrate your 50th birthday with you in a few weeks! ?
  60. We love you so much and we couldn’t be more proud of you, big sis. If this is half as fun as the last forty-nine years have been, it’s going to be a good one. -The
  61. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!!!!! May the next fifty be as full of life as you are today. We love you! Happy Birthday!
  62. Happy Birthday, sister! Here’s to another year of laughter.
  63. Happy birthday to my favorite sister in the whole wide world—the best mom, the best friend, the best version of me ?
  64. I love that I’m the only person in the world who can call you sister, best friend, mommy, wifey and still have plenty of words left over for just me. Happy birthday to the other half of my other half.
  65. Happy early birthday to my big sister, ? you’ve always been the coolest person I know. ❤️
  66. Sending so many big, warm birthday hugs to my sista! We have always been close and I am soooo grateful to have her as my sister! Love you soooo much! ❤️? #WParty #BigFat
  67. Sending you wishes for a sexy half century- you have always been a rare beauty and have only gotten more so with each passing year.
  68. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister, I have been so very lucky to have you as a big sister ? AND a little sister ❤️ Stay bold on this next chapter ❤️
  69. Especially for you, on this special day. #HappyBirthdaySis
  70. Sending birthday wishes to my favorite kind of girl—the one who steals your lipstick, makes fun of you a little bit, and is always up for a good time. ???
  71. As the years go by, the bond of love between brothers & sisters only grows stronger. ??
  72. Happy Birthday to my best friend ever.
  73. Enjoy the next 50 years-maybe you’ll make some of them with me. ??

50th birthday wishes for brother

50th birthday wishes for brother
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
  1. Brother! Happy 50th birthday!!! You are one of my true heroes. You are an amazing brother to me, mentor to me, husband to my sister in law, father to my niece and nephews, son to your parents, son in law
  2. A brother is a friend given by nature. We are really blessed to have you in our lives. Happy 50th birthday!
  3. Happy birthday, brother.
  4. From here on out, every year is the birthday of the brother I remember. Happy golden Birthday, my friend. You are golden.
  5. I don’t always tell you that I love you – but today, I wanted to say it. Happy Birthday, brother. I love you.
  6. Happy birthday to our big brother. You’re the best man we know, always there for us when we needed you most. We love you! #happybirthday
  7. Happy Birthday big bro! So glad I got to spend time with you today.
  8. 50 is the new 30. It reminds me of the drop-dead cool, interesting things he does around his home and community—and of course, his penchant for getting lost in a good book. I love you big bro – from your lil s
  9. To Jay, congratulations on 50 years… of making us laugh
  10. The best is yet to come, @kevin.stew_happybirthday big bro! ? _ _
  11. ? #ThrowBack to the time we attempted a (very (very poorly) choreographed) dance routine for Chris’ 50th. We can’t wait to celebrate our real dance moves with you on your big day! Also, I have
  12. Happy birthday to my twin, the smartypants. Have a great year ?
  13. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! We love you lots ❤️?
  15. Turning 50 makes you realize something. Life is short. Eat dessert first. Happy Birthday Brother!
  16. You rock! Happy 50th birthday to the coolest, funniest brother ever. ?
  17. Happy 50th birthday to our big brother—we missed you at breakfast this morning, but we had bagels waiting for us when we woke up…Happy Birthday!
  18. May you continue to be the most handsome, funny, world-traveling, affectionate brother/friend/husband! Wishing you a very happy 5 – 0!
  19. Manny, we’ve spent a lifetime together and you’re still the same ol’ troublemaker. ? Happy 50th Birthday.
  20. Happy Birthday to my dear brother, who makes me laugh and is always there when I need him. You’re the best #brotherinlawanyonecouldaskfor!
  21. Happy birthday to my brother, who inspires me every day to never take life for granted. It is a gift. Enjoy the day, may God richly bless you!
  22. Happy birthday to the man who’s always standing up for what’s right, who has consistently made me laugh, and who has taught me so much about being a good person. Here’s to #50 more.❤
  23. Happy Birthday, bro. Have a great year – we love you! #happybirthday
  24. I may not have told you this often enough–but I’m SO proud to call you my big brother. Thanks for always having my back and for being such a great role model. Happiest of birthdays to the coolest, funniest, and
  25. Happy bro day! We love you big! #bryank
  26. Live a life that makes a difference. Live a life that matters. Celebrate a special birthday with a man that has accomplished so much for his country and community, honoring him for being a patriot.
  27. I’ve been so blessed to have you in my life. I know God has a great adventure planned for us. I can’t wait to see what’s next, how you continue to grow and experience life. #50Strong
  28. ? Good luck out there, Peter! You’ve made it this far. Here’s to the next 50 years of great adventures with you. ??
  29. Hey there, big ?
  30. Wishing my favorite brother in the world, my husband, and best friend in the world a Very Happy 50th Birthday! I love you with all my ❤️’s. You are an amazing man. ??

what is a good caption for 50th birthday

  1. Today is my big brother’s 50th birthday and I want to share a few things about him:
  2. 50 is the new 40. Happy 50th, brother. -United 1827 Flight Attendants
  3. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG BROTHER, JOHN! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. Every year we find a way to reduce belt holes and add in a few more gray hairs
  4. Happy Birthday, Brother! You’re a year older, but you’ll always be 12 years younger. Love you ?
  5. Wishing this awesome guy a happy half century! ❤️
  6. Throwback to that time we both ate too many frosted donuts and thought it’d be a good idea to try downhill skiing. 50 is going to be a great year stefan . happy birthday!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who taught me the value of hard work, good friends, and good conversation. You are my brother, best friend, and role model. 50 years old—we couldn’t be more proud
  8. Happy Birthday to my favorite guy in the whole wide world. 50 is going to be awesome! ?
  9. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, DAD! As we say in Texas, you’re only as old as you feel. And for you, that’s about 110.?
  10. Happy Birthday to my older brother @chrisrinneman, aka Mr. Nostalgia, one of the finest men I know. Keep on growing.
  11. To the brother who is the best role model I could have ever asked for. Happy Birthday, ILY.
  12. Here’s to you, brother! If I had a tankard of ale for every decade we’ve spent together, and if the tankards were made of suitcases full of all the swag we collected through the years – well
  13. What a glorious day, filled with friends and family. I’m grateful for our adventures, and I’m proud of you, my brother! ???
  14. You have been a model of leadership, mentorship, and generosity. I hope that fatherhood, marriage, and old age bring you joy beyond measure.
  15. Happiest birthday brother! Thank you for always being a patient guide, a motivator and a wonderful friend. We love you. ?❤
  16. Happy Birthday to the coolest brother out there. We know you’re going to be 50 and still watch cartoons and eat cookies at 11:00pm. Hope you have an epic day! ?
  17. So cool to see an old friend become a grandpa. Happy 50th birthday, bro!
  18. Happy Birthday! You are the best brother anyone could have. I hope you have the best day! Stay awesome! We love you so much.
  19. Happy 50th to my big brother, Dave. We all love and appreciate everything you do! #myfamily
  20. Happy BirtHDay! We all love and miss you dearly. Time keeps flying by and we can’t believe it’s been 50 years already. Love you forever #Happy50th
  21. Happy birthday, brother. Thanks for always being there to guide me along the way. Love you. ???
  22. Happy Birthday, #BrotherDearest We love you!
  23. What an incredible 50 years of brotherhood you’ve given us. We love you. Happy birthday, Neil! ??
  24. Happy birthday to my big brother and best friend in life! Love you always little bro?
  25. Wishing you a happy birthday and best wishes for your next half century on this planet. ???
  26. Best.Brother.Ever
  27. Picture this: a masterful celebration of brotherhood and friendship, signature cocktails and tasty bites…with you.
  28. So much has happened in the past 50 years, but your ability to always make me laugh has never changed. ??

Happy 50th birthday wishes man australia

  1. Happy 50th Birthday wishes to the coolest soul on the planet, our dear friend @jessicaalba #birthdaygirl #50thbirthday
  2. Happy birthday to one of the greatest ladies I know. Happy 50th!
  3. So many memories, so many laughs, so many adventures, so many love yous. We are all on this journey together… happy 50th birthday to my amazing mother. ❤️?
  4. Happy 50th birthday, [name]!
  5. Happy 50th Birthday Dad. Here’s to the next 50 years. Love, The Squeeze-ins
  6. Wishing a truly cool cat a very happy 50th birthday ?  Lot’s of love, friends & family  from all of us at Michael Kors.?
  7. Happy 50th birthday to one of our most iconic editors, Judith Jones. ?
  8. Happy 50th birthday, Elvis! You’ll always be Vegas to us. ?
  9. 50 years of love has met 12 million moments, our favorite 50 are yours. We’ll count the next million with you. ?
  10. Man, we’ve really hit a milestone… Happy 50th Birthday @nike #justdoit
  11. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better. Congrats on fifty years of being amazing—we’ll try not to hold it against you that you got old ??
  12. 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30, and 30 is the new 20. Congrats on 5 decades of awesomeness!
  13. Here’s to 50 more years of wisdom, grace, and contagious laughter. ?
  14. Happy birthday to one of the most stylish and influential men we know. You inspire us with endless #style and #goodtaste.
  15. Happy 50th Birthday Uncle Jeff! [#wedding] [#celebration] [#party] #birthday #family #gifts
  16. Happy 50th Birthday to our beautiful, brilliant, ever-inspiring founder Ms. @susan_gordon!! ??❤️
  17. Happy 50th, Michael! You’ve given us so much to look forward to. Thank you for setting the bar—and then raising it higher still. ??
  18. The only thing better than the first time is the next time, and the time after that. Happy 50th birthday to my hero. #HappyBirthdayDad
  19. Happy 50th B-Day to the best looking and most comfortable sandals ever. You’ve also kept our feet dry☔ for decades. A huge thanks to #Teva and all their amazing employees around the world ?
  20. Here’s to the next 50 years of loving, laughing, and dancing. ?? #50thbirthday #sweet50
  21. There’s nothing like turning 50 to make you feel like you can do anything. You just started your most fabulous decade yet—just hope you don’t spend it all on your 19th midlife crisis.
  22. Happy #50thBirthday to our rock star teacher , Ms. Theresa Kobs ☀? ? ? #teachersrock
  23. Feeling good enough about myself to be 50 years old & still hangin’ around. #HappyBirthdayToMe
  24. On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission, here’s to another 50 years of pioneering spirit in exploration and innovation.
  25. HBD to a very special woman ? We love you so so much! @jenniferlovegrove ❤️
  26. Today is the day. Follow your dreams. Share your passion. Create memories that last a lifetime. All the best on this very special day, Barbara ?
  27. That’s nice, but I couldn’t care less…I’m all about reaching the half century mark.
  28. What a mid-life crisis: it just got better.
  29. Happy 50th Birthday to our beloved San Francisco! ?
  30. Happy 50th Birthday to the woman who makes me laugh harder than anyone else I’ve ever met. My grandma. #youcanfiftybetterthanme
  31. Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!
  32. Have a happy 50th birthday to my favorite uncle. Hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year ahead. ?
  33. Happy 50th Anniversary to our parents and grandparents! Thanks for showing us what love and family look like. ??
  34. What a year it’s been! Thank you all for letting me be a part of your life. Here’s to the next 50 years #happysixtiethbirthday
  35. Happy 50th Birthday to this beauty, Mt. Lassen National Park! We are so grateful to have the chance to explore your trails with you this year! ??
  36. We’re celebrating a milestone this year—our 50th anniversary! We can’t imagine a world without you, but we always love having the chance to celebrate it with you. We hope your birthday is everything you deserve—we love
  37. Happy birthday, dad. From the day I took my first breath, you have loved me, watched out for me, and taught me what it means to be a man. Time has flown by, but there isn’t a single second that goes by

50th birthday wishes and prayers

  1. If you’re feeling like celebrating your small business success, sparklers to that.
  2. 50 years of friendship, adventure and laughter is a milestone for which we can all raise our glasses ? ? #50thbirthday #bff
  3. Happy birthday insert name. May there be many more. ? #birthdaywishes
  4. HBD to the perfect place ??. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in your hometown next week! ?
  5. Officially half a century old ? #happybirthdayunclebob
  6. It’s your birthday! May you always see a beautiful world through beautiful eyes.
  7. Happy 50th anniversary to you both ❤️ We love you so much! Have a wonderful year ahead.
  8. Happy 50th to the @nyyankees and an awesome Yankee Stadium! #Yankee50 #❤️
  9. Happy 50th birthday to our founding president. What an incredible journey Jim has led us on—full of bright lights, hard work, sweet success, and most importantly, sweet people.
  10. Turning 50 doesn’t mean turning in your grave. You’re twice the man you were at 25 because you’ve been through twice as much. We honor you today and celebrate our friendship for many years to come.
  11. Wishing a very happy birthday to a woman who has always been a role model for me. Here’s to 50 more years of making this world a better place to live, and all the cool things we’ll learn along the way
  12. ?50 candles on the cake, 50 feet in the air ??. Happy birthday, Dad!
  13. Wishing a #happybirthday to the best husband and travel partner I could ask for. I’ve been amazed by your strength, character, and sense of adventure—and how it has inspired me to grow in so many ways. I am forever
  14. Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday dear Bob, happy birthday to you! ??
  15. Happy Birthday, mom! We hope this day is filled with love, laughter, and joy. The best is yet to come ?❤️
  16. To your family, close friends, and everyone you’ve touched in your incredible career. Happy ? birthday, Bette!
  17. Happy birthday to a living legend! We can’t think of anyone more down to earth, generous, kind, sharp. True hero to us all. (?: @tommeru)
  18. HBD to this wild gem of a person who has managed to maintain the giggles on the daily for half a century. Thank you for being on this planet, Mom. We all love you so much! ❤️
  19. Many happy returns!
  20. Happy Birthday to the original bad boy! 50 years ago this week, James Bond graced the silver screen with his debonair style ??
  21. 50 years ago today, The Beatles made history with their first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Today, we’d like to celebrate this #Beatles50 anniversary with a few of our own: John, Paul, George and Ringo.
  22. Happy 50th birthday to the man who makes everything better with his smile. We love you, Pop. ??❤️
  23. I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces and warm hugs and endless stories and big laughs and much wine and so much dancing and so much love and who knows what else. I feel like that’s the only way to celebrate a 50th birthday
  24. Happy 50th Birthday, Mom! Love you to the moon and back ??
  25. Happy 50th Birthday great-great-grandpa! You truly enjoy life and it is a pleasure to celebrate you. ? #50isntold #keepgoing
  26. Hope you’re feeling super fly on your 50th b-day, Grandma ❤️??
  27. Happy 50th to a talented artist, innovator and visionary who has inspired so many ? – – – –
  28. Happy 50th birthday to the queen of our hearts, the angel of our souls, and the one who sings like a bird ????
  29. In celebration of turning 50, I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my world for supporting me as I evolve as a person. That makes me feel old ?. But as they say, life is a circle. You have
  30. Happy 50th birthday ⭐ To our grandma, who’s always been a shining example of what it means to stand out from the crowd. Thanks for showing us all how bold and colourful life can be. ?
  31. Looking forward to being 50–What’s Next? Stay tuned, don’t tell my age, but just know that I’m in good shape
  32. Today, we celebrate another year of your leadership, an era of inventions and ideas that continue to push the boundaries of technology and inspire the imagination. Thank you for giving us a future we can believe in. Happy 50th Birthday, @nasa!
  33. Here’s to fifty years of doing what you love, with all our hearts.
  34. Here’s to you, Mr. Blue Eyes! 50 years in the making…We’d never have gotten here if it wasn’t for you being so smart and so funny…Your wit, charm, and good looks just kept us coming back for more
  35. Happy, happy birthday to my mom! Thank you for your wisdom, your grace, and all your love ✨?
  36. We’re celebrating a milestone this year! Sip on something special in the month of your?birthday.

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